May 2, 2010


Ah, the "fainting couch!" Don't you love watching old movies where the women faint all the time? "Dear me, the tea is cold!" "Oh heavens, Beatrice has run off with her lover, Edmund!" "I feel faint!" Okay, so maybe I love old movies a little too much... maybe it's the glamour of it all. The vintage clothes, the hollywood kisses, the overly dramatic music. It was a time when a woman could deck herself out in ornate pearls, lace corsets and a 40-yard velvet dress and galavant off to a fabulous party... You know, just an ordinary Saturday night. Call me crazy but I'd trade in my hoochie mama dresses any day to be this old fashioned princess!
ANYWAY, let me just say that the best part of this era is the fainting couch! Literally a piece of furniture named after dramatic females. It was beautiful (and practical) back in the day and it's still beautiful today. Take a look at these classic pieces that could be easily integrated into your living room or bedroom as a convenient place to read, relax... or faint!

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